What does Jamison question Kira about in Chapter 5 of 'Gathering Blue?'

Expert Answers
parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jamison wants to know what Kira has heard concerning the beasts in the Fen, which supposedly attack and kill people passing through the forest.  Actually, this is just hearsay intended to keep the villagers from travelling about and establishing contact with other communities.

Kira's father, an accomplished hunter, was supposedly killed by such beasts, but later on Kira learns that Jamison himself killed him. When the master weaver in the Fen tells Kira that the stories about beasts are just myths, the old woman mysteriously dies a couple of days later, too.

The tables turn, however, in Kira's favour when she discovers that her father actually survived Jamison's attack (having been left in the Field for dead) and is still alive, having been rescued by the villagers of another community.