What does it mean to have factions in the government of America?

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Factions within political parties, governments administrators, and between/within branches of government have certainly become more and more pronounced in recent years. For example, there has been the ongoing tension between those within the surveillance and investigation/federal policing organizations, such as the FBI and the executive branch. This has been exemplified through the firing of former FBI director James Comey after he and Trump came into conflict over accusations and investigation of Russian involvement in Trump's presidential campaign. The media spectacle of these investigations have often overshadowed much more dire situations like the massive militarization and incarceration of children, families and individuals seeking refuge on the southern border. While there appears to be political rifts over the southern border between the democrat and republican parties, the groups are fundamentally unified over agreement that the border should exist, that ICE should exist, etc., as both parties are still loyal to the fundamental concept of government and the United States. While political factions and factions between high-standing individuals within government are apparent, these factions can often be based in vying for power rather than one group or the other fighting against injustice.

The system is set up to bolster oppression and the power of those in charge, and factions within/between the ruling powers/parties/branches/individuals are not usually enough to undermine the core power of this system. For example, judges among the lower courts of the country have repeatedly struck down a law the president has recently had passed that would allow for poverty/need for public assistance to be a consideration in allowing refugees to enter the country. Lesser courts across the country have struck down this law as unconstitutional and completely unjust. The Supreme Court recently upheld this horrible law, even though the Court was split almost down the middle on the issue. A lawyer for Trump bragged after the law was upheld that the Supreme Court is "tired of activist judges." Certainly, we will not find justice within factions in the state, but outside of, and away from, the state entirely.

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