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What does it mean to be a psychological scientist? Why do our attitudes and knowledge about science matter, now more than ever?

To be a psychological scientist is to adhere to the scientific method when trying to understand the human psyche. This involves respecting the scientific subject-object model of experimentation and observation. Our attitudes about and knowledge of science matters now more than ever because we live in an age where the conscious adherence to the scientific method is seen at an unprecedented level.

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To be a psychological scientist is to be a scientist in the psychology of the human mind. The word science here implies adherence to the scientific method of thought, one that involves observation and experimentation. The scientific method also involves the making of a testable hypothesis.

Consider the following: Imagine you have observed that when people are happy, they tend to walk with their heads held up high. You have observed this throughout your life and now you make a hypothesis. You think, if people are happy, then they hold their heads up high when they...

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