What does IRA stand for in Angela's Ashes?

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

IRA stands for Irish Republican Army. it was created in 1919 with Michael Collins at the head.The IRA was a militant nationalist group whose purpose was to end British rule in Ireland, replacing it with an independent Irish Republic. They were able to establish the Irish Free State which held dominion status with Britain and Northern Ireland which remained part of Great Britain.By 1970 this arrangement began to breakdown and when 13 Catholics were arrested it became known as 'Bloody Sunday'. ( The rock group U-2 dedicated a song called Bloody Sunday to memorialize the incident.) During 1981 arrests and violence escalated in Ireland. By 1998 The Good Friday Agreement was signed providing provisions of shared power with Northern Ireland. Finally in 2005 the IRA ended in armed violence in exchange for peaceful methods.