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Huck and Tom are among the most famous friends in all of literature.  However, they are very different.  Tom is a romantic dreamer with outlandish plans and adventure ideas-most of which he gets from reading which he loves to do.  Huck is not a reader.  Neither boy enjoys rigid rules although Tom is more "civilized" than Huck in his family life.

Therefore, Huck dreams about escape from the "civilization" forced upon him after Tom and Huck find the treasure in the caves.  Up until this time, Huck dreamed of finding the treasure in order to escape the parts of his life he disliked.  For one, his drunken father whose violence toward Huck is not welcome.  Huck also does not enjoy being made to go to school, forced to wear proper and clean clothing, and forced not to use profanity once the Widow Douglas adopts him.

Both boys love the freedom offered by the river and the treasure hunts in the caves, etc.  They are fun-loving typical boys.

Huck's dreams ultimately consist of freedom and the means to reach the freedom in his life away from the confining elements of life.  He wants to do what he wants, when he wants including cussing, getting dirty, not reading or going to school, not having to follow rules that don't make sense to him.


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