What does home mean to Frank and Cee?

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Frank and Cee have both lived their entire lives without any physical or geographical sense of belonging. The threat of homelessness and repeated instances of being uprooted are constant throughout their lives. Both were forced to leave their homes in Texas and were only able to rely on each other. When Frank left for the war, Cee certainly felt a profound loss of protection and belonging. However, she felt simultaneously that she was finally free to explore life to the fullest and pursue freedoms that she had not experienced before. Her clear and obvious longing for a home, however, drove her into the arms of a man who soon abandoned her.

Frank continued to feel displacement of a different kind. After losing friends in his hellish experience in the war, he finds himself trapped in a mental hospital. Frank's resolve to escape is impressive, and we, as the readers, are left to wonder just how much of his success owes to his determination to get back to Cee. We begin to see that Frank and Cee's idea of home very much revolves around each other. The two have no physical ties to any particular area. However, for better or worse, they are always more grounded and comfortable when they are around each other.

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