In The Bronze Bow, what does Hezron say is stronger than all the power of Rome?

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In Chapter Five, when Daniel goes to Joel's house for the first time, he meets Hezron, Joel's father, and hears what he has to say about the Roman occupation. Hezron's policy is one of accommodation, of putting up with the Romans and living with them while the Jews need to. He believes that the Law of the Jewish people is something that is infinitely more powerful than the Romans and that it is this Law that will eventually outlive the Romans. Note what he says to Daniel:

When the last Roman emperor has vanished from the earth, the Law will still endure. It is to the Law that our loyalty must be devoted.

Hezron therefore thinks that Jews must have faith in the Law alone and trust in God to rid them of their oppressors, rather than act in trying to rebel against them and bring about a revolution through man's strength alone.


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