What does Henry reveal about Kelton that Alyssa thinks is unforgivable in the novel Dry?

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Henry revealed to Alyssa that Kelton used his drone to spy on her through her window, and Alyssa is incensed at the news.

Alyssa and her brother Garrett live in a typical Southern California suburb. Everything about her and her family is easily described as normal or typical. It is what makes Alyssa and Garrett so incredibly relatable to the reader.

On the other hand, Alyssa's neighbors, Kelton and his family, are anything but average or normal. They are "preppers." Kelton and his family consider themselves planned for a possible cataclysmic societal breakdown. They have action plans in place as well as the supplies. This makes Kelton and his family weird in Alyssa's opinion. Despite the oddness of Kelton, it turns out that his family was correct to prepare. Kelton is attracted to Alyssa, and he feels that his family's preparedness can help his chances with Alyssa.

As the story progresses, Alyssa, Garrett, and Kelton are forced to leave their homes and head toward a supplied shelter in the mountains that Kelton's family has prepared. Along the way, they pick up Henry. Henry is a scammer through and through. He lies about everything, and he will use someone's personal information against them if it gains him some kind of advantage. That's what Henry does after finding out that Kelton spied on Alyssa. He uses the information to drive a wedge between Alyssa and Kelton.

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