What does hazel say she would do if she were handicap general? It's for a homework assignment that has many questions and this is the only one I could not find.

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Hazel Bergeron, who is completely normal in all ways and therefore doesn't have any handicapping devices of any sort, suggests that she would use the sound of chimes in handicap radios such as the one worn by her husband George. She feels this would be very appropriate; "Kind of in honor of religion." When George points out that he would be able to think if there were chimes in his ear, Hazel amends her idea to "make 'em real loud."

Hazel continues to be somewhat jealous because she doesn't have any handicap devices. She can't conceive of what the effects of such devices would actually feel like; she can observe the impact they have on George but doesn't have the mental ability or imagination to apply those feelings to her personal experience. Because she is so absolutely average, Hazel feels she could be a replacement for Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General.

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