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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is a symbol that was bestowed upon him after his parents died. Lord Voldemort knew that this "Wizard King" was born and would destroy him. In his efforts to kill him first, Harry's parents gave their lives to protect him. As part of a very ancient ritual, before her death, Harry's mother decreed that should Voldemort ever try to attempt to curse Harry, each curse would come back to him. Hence, the apparition of the scar. Therefore, the lightning shaped scar was the symbol of what separates Harry from the other magicians, sort of a mark of destiny and supremacy among the other wizards.

user6168984 | Student

Have any of you read All of the Harry Potter books?!

The scar on Harry Potter's forehead represents his father and mother's sacrifice to protect Harry. Due to Lily dieing for her son, she gave Harry the most powerful protective charm she could, her love. Which saved Harry from death, and because Lord Voldemort's soul was unstable and broke apart, when he killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry, due to the nature of his actions which made Harry into a Horcrux, from a piece of Lord Voldemort's soul latching onto Harry Potter and creating the scar. Because of this Harry became the only person that could defeat Lord Voldemort. So his scar became a symbol of hope, and his destiny for his future to the wizard community.

In short Harry's scar symbolizes his parents love for Harry, and his future to destroy Voldemort.

crystaltu001 | Student

Harry Potter's scar signifies the fact that his mom gave up her life to save Harry from Voldemort. It symbolizes the fact that Voldemort is still out there, waiting to get back at Harry, as his mother's spell prevented Voldemort from killing Harry when he was just a small child.

kevin0001 | Student

The scar on Harry Potter's head symbolizes the the day Voldemort and Harry fist met and also when both of Harry's parents died because of murder. The scar also represents the backfire of the spell Voldemort  was about to use to kill Harry. The spell did not work, leaving Harry with a scar and Voldemort running away.

bigsis2011 | Student

it does represent anything voldie just tried to kill him and it backfired on him and left him with the scar

mpbeanie | Student

The way that J.K. Rowling had put it was that it was Harry's way of remembering that awful night when his father had died trying to save Harry and Lily Potter. Also, of his mother sacrifying herself for him. I think that it was a question that has been answered all along, but no one has yet to have answered it. I think that the scar symbolises that everything that had happened, happened for a reason. That lightening bolt scar represented the hardships that he would have to overcome before the wizarding community could be realized of the dark lord known as no other than, Lord Voldemort.

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