What does the Hammurabi's Code tell us about Hammurabi's Babylon?

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Hammurabi was one of the greatest kings of ancient civilization of Babylon, who ruled for 43 years, from 1792 to 1750 B.C..  He is most well known for the legal code introduced by him which now famous as the Code of Hammurabi. Western historians consider it one of the first law codes in history.

Hammurabi code, which was based on older collections of Sumerian and Akkadian laws changed the legal system of the country. Hammurabi revised, adjusted, and expanded the earlier codes. The final code thus introduced  greatly influenced the civilization of all Near Eastern countries.  Th code contains about 300 legal provisions.  It covers matters such as false accusation, witchcraft, military service, land and business regulations, family laws, tariffs, wages, trade, loans, and debts.