What does the hammer symbolize in this story?

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Toni Bambara's "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird" is a story whose subject is the exploitation of one group by another.  Like the chicken hawk, the two cameramen are intrusive as they come onto the property without even saying "Good morning."  They film what will serve their purposes, taking from the family what they wish. Explaining this act of exploitation to the children, Granny likens their actions to those of a cameraman who dispassionately flimed a person's suicide,

"Takin pictures of the man in his misery about to jump, cause life so bad and people been messin with him so bad.  This person takin up the whole roll of film practically.... 

When Grandaddy Cain returns from hunting a chicken hawk that has preyed upon their chickens, he, too, is filmed by the cameraman.  Ignoring the men,...

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