In The Crucible, what does Hale want Tituba to confess and how does he achieve this?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act one, Rev. Hale wants Tituba to confess to witchcraft and then requires her to confess that she has seen other women of the village working with the devil.  He does this after Abigail tells him that it was Tituba who forced her and the other girls to attempt to conjure spirits in the forest the night before.  Clearly, Tituba is not a witch but after he questions her over and over again, she has no choice but to eventually confess for fear of her life.  After this occurs, the other girls decide that if they expect to be free from the witchcraft persecutons, they must name as many names as they can of people that they claim to have seen working with the devil; so at the end of Act 1, the girls star shouting out the names of people who they are accusing of withccraft.

lollex | Student

i assume that the girls started shouting out names of people who they hate .

besides, they just did that because they want to be freefrom the witchcraft persecutons