What does Paula Gunn Allen see as some practical consequences of Eurocentric patriarchal distortions, as she sees them, in relation to her "Kochineko Academe"?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One consequence of Eurocentic patriarchal distortions imposed through global colonization that Paula Gunn Allen identifies is the regendering of global concepts of gender. It is pointed out that tribes, such as that of the Yoruba society, whose gender concept recognized three genders and homosexual relationships, were forced into reorganization to a Eurocentric patriarchial gender and relationship concept in the same way that matrilineal societies, that took responsibility along and handed wealth down through matrilineal connections, were forced into Eurocentric patrilineal reorganization so that wealth and responsibility were reorganized along and through patrilineal lines (matrilineal: the mother's brother's financial responsibility, wealth to mother's daughters; patrilineal: the husband financial responsibility, wealth to the husband's sons).

This gender reorganization corresponds to the reorganization of the subservience/dominance conceptualization following the globalization colonialism, a force that drove Eurocentric patriarchal distortions of dominance through belief in the superiority of European minds, philosophies and economics resulting in subservience distortions and exploitations.

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