Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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What does the grove of death symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

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A foreboding tale of the perils and evils of Belgian Imperialism, Heart of Darkness commences with the arrival of the world-weary seaman Marlow, who seeks employment as a captain of a steamer to replace one who has died. Having procured his position thanks to his aunt's recommendation that he will be "an emissary of light," something resembling a lower apostle.

Ominously, when Marlow presents himself, there are two women knitting black wool sitting outside the office that contains a map on a wall that is printed in many colors. Significantly, Marlow refers to the yellow patch [yellow is a symbol of evil] in the center which is his destination. Other foreshadowing exists with the a chain gang that passes by with the "deathlike indifference of unhappy...

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