What does Gregor's father revalabout the family's financial status? What is Gregor's reaction when he learns the truth about their finances?

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slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After hearing a conversation between the other members of his family, Gregor is made aware that his father has actually saved quite a large nest-egg of money. This conversation comes about as a result of the current state of the family – Gregor is no longer able to care and provide for the family. As the family realizes they have few options, the dad reveals that he has saved money. When Gregor hears this, he is relieved to know that his family will be taken care of. When the reader learns this, he/she is sad for Gregor and all the sacrifices he has made. He threw himself into work to get his father out of a bad business deal and continued to support the family. This show us how selfless he was, and to learn that his father was selfish enough to “hide” money is a sadly ironic twist.  

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