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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Today, the term "green" generally means something like "being environmentally correct."  To say something or someone is green is to say that it or they are good for the environment.

For example, we can say that a bicycle is green.  A bicycle is green because it does not use fossil fuels.  Since it does not use fossil fuels, it does not pollute and it does not contribute to global warming.  Therefore, it is good for the environment.

We can also say that a person is green if they act in ways that are beneficial to the environment.  A person who rides a bike to work rather than driving is green.  A person who recycles rather than throwing things away is green.

"Green" has simply come to mean "environmentally correct" or "good for the environment."

cllebeau | Student

As the Kermit the Frog sang; it ain’t easy being green.

“Green” is a term that has many meanings. It is usually refers to being environmentally or Earth friendly and that is open to interpretation.

Below are the many examples of what people might do and consider themselves “green”


Using public transportation or riding a bicycle instead of a personal automobile

Purchasing only recycled products or small carbon footprint products

Looking for energy efficient products

Picking up trash as you hike along a trail

Conserving energy use in your home: shortening showers, turning off lights, only plugging appliances in when using them, re-use what you can, etc.

Taking your own cloth bags to the grocery store

Buying organic food

NOT buying harsh chemical laden products

Planting a tree

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