What do myths reveal about the values of ancient Greek society?  

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Greek mythology probably developed to account for ancient ritual practices. It would be a mistake to regard the contents of myths as reflecting the surrounding culture accurately, as many myths reflect rituals far pre-dating the narrative accounts developed to account for them. In general, myths describe not the relationships among himans in a society, but the proper attitude towards the gods, and what the gods require of their followers. The Greek myths emphasize that the gods are unpredicatable and easily offended. It is best not to come to the attention of the gods. Instead, one should perform the rquired rituals or sacrifices, and avoid incurring the wrath of the gods by violating their decrees or becoming ritually polluted by unclean acts. Since excessive favour from one god might provoke jealousy of another god, moderation and equal treatment of all gods is a good policy. One should not even neglect gods one does not know, but make offerings at the altar of the unknown gods just to be safe.

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