What does Grayson want to "say" to Maniac by giving the boy his old glove?

Expert Answers
lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is an emotional symbolism attached to when Grayson gives Maniac his old glove from his minor league career.  Grayson, who had always been alone and lonely, had been teaching Maniac about baseball, and Maniac had been teaching him to read, and this occurs shortly before Grayson died.  So what did Grayson mean by the symbolic gesture of giving the boy his glove?  Probably Grayson was trying to thank the young man for teaching him to read, and probably in a fatherly sort of way, he also meant to show Maniac that he was important to him, like a son would be.  The two had developed such a special relationship, which sadly would come to an end with Grayson's death the day after Christmas.

bree-bree10 | Student

this does not answer the question at all to me u r jus sayin wat grayson might hav felt not wat he thought