What does Grant want to do for Vivian and her kids?  

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In Ernest Gains' " A Lesson Before Dying," Grant is in love with Vivian.  She, however, is still married to another man.  Vivian is in the process of getting a divorce, in order for she and Grant to be married. 

Grant tells Vivian that he loves her very much.  He wants to marry her and make her his wife.  He wants to give Vivian security and love.  He also wants to be a good father and role model to her children.  Grant wants very badly to marry Vivian and take her, her children and himself away from the lives they are currently living.  He wants to move them to a larger city; a city with more freedom.

"Grant expresses his fondest wish would be for them to leave the parish, to leave the South, as almost everyone who grew up in the area and gotten an education has done before, but he feels stuck there because Vivian’s divorce is not final (actually, she points out, he left once, to live with his parents in California, but he came back on his own)."

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