What does Granny mean when she thinks, “That was hell, she knew hell when she saw it”  and how does she feel about heaven?

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When Granny thinks about hell, she is thinking about the day she was jilted and the mental anguish she suffers when she thinks about George.  She prayed for sixty years trying to forget George, afraid that remembering him would  make her lose "her soul in the deep pit of hell".

When Granny thinks about heaven, "she felt easy about her soul. She had her secret comfortable understanding with a few favorite saints who cleared a straight road to God for her. All as surely signed and sealed as the papers for the new forty acres."  So Granny thought her place in heaven was guaranteed.  She had prayed to her favorite saints who would make sure she would journey straight to heaven to live forever with God.

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As Granny is dying, memories that she'd tried to suppress come into her mind.  The memory that she tried hardest to put out of her head was the one memory of the day she was stood up and left at the alter.  Nothing in her life was as bad as how she felt that day.  To her, that was hell, and nothing in the afterlife would be as bad.  Granny believes she's paid for any sins she has committed and that she deserves heaven because of the hell she went through when she was stood up. 

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