In "Fahrenheit 451", what does Granger mean by "welcome back from the dead"?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In part three of "Fahrenheit 451," "Burning Bright," Montag has escaped across the river and into the woods.  There he meets Granger.  "Granger is able to show Montag on a portable viewer how the chase for him is progressing, but assures him they will not find him. They witness his supposed capture on the viewer. "They all sit and watch the end of the manhunt, which is now focused on an innocent scapegoat. The authorities can't disappoint the viewing public."  "The camera fell upon the victim, even as did the Hound.  He screamed... Blackout. Scilence. Darkness.  Montag cried out in the scilence and turned away.  Scilence.  And then, after a time of the men sitting around the fire, their faces expressionless, an announcer on the dark screen said, The search is over, Montag is dead; a crime against society has been avenged.  Darkness."  pg 151. Granger then turns to Montag, touches him on the arm and says," Welcome back from the dead."  Granger explains to Montag that they faked his death by killing a man on the street to make the people believe Montag had been killed.  Now that Montag is "dead" they will no longer search for him.

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