What does the grandmother mean when she says, "Why you're one of my babies. You're one of my own children"?

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For the first time in her long and selfish life, the grandmother has finally realized that she's a part of something bigger. As a deeply judgmental woman, an unrepentant racist, and an isolationist, the old lady has never had any sense of being part of a large, diverse human family. Even within her own biological family, she's remained somewhat aloof, separated from her folks by her inordinate self-regard.

Yet when confronted with the psychotic escaped convict known as The Misfit, the grandmother suddenly experiences something of an epiphany. Now she understands, albeit too late, that we're all part of a vast cosmic unity. Throughout the whole of her long life, the grandmother had never realized that she was part of such a unity; she'd always been happy to live in her own little world without making the slightest effort to reach out to anyone.

But confronted by The Misfit, she now knows that her attitude was wrong all along. He is her son in the way that every other man in the world is...

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