What do grains amount to in medical dosages and what is "v iss?"

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One grain is equal to just under 65 milligrams.

It is difficult to answer your question about v iss without knowing more information.  There are several medical meanings for this.

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my problem is seconal gr iss po bedtime prn

available is seconal 100 mg capsules. how many capsules will you give?

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grains is a measurement from the old apothacary system. The previous cburr is correct that one grain is approx. 65 milligrams. A common prescription we used to see was ASA v gr. this meant asprin (ASA is the abbreviation for the chemical name of aspirin) 5 grains (325mg-one regular strength asprin tablet). so v iss was probably vi ss.  ss = 1/2 in medical speak. this would be 6 1/2 grains, or 422mg. --probably rounded to 425mg.

hope that helps