What does God centered mean and what are some steps to being God centered?

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Being God-centered means putting God first and allowing all activity in life to flow from the premise that God's priorities are the priorities of the individual. 

The opposite of being God-centered would be maintaining a self-centered perspective in life which serves selfish human desire, or what Christians might refer to as the sinful nature of man. 

In order for a Christian to maintain a God-centered life, these steps would help one appropriately maintain that purpose:

1. Stay in constant communion with God. Many passages and verses in the bible demonstrate God's desire for relationship with His Son and His people. John 14-15 specifically reference remaining and abiding in Him. Prayer is a vehicle through which a human can communicate with God. The bible says to "pray continually" and "pray without ceasing".  God desires to be involved with man's daily ventures.

2. Surrender all life activity to God. This means praying andletting God know that all material possessions, all time, and all resources are left to Him to control in the life of the Christian as He wishes. Although the human may still remain physically in control of items and time, the idea of surrender or sacrifice intimates that spiritually, God may have His way with the individual's resources to accomplish His purposes. Romans 12: 1-2 supports this principle. 

3. Serve God. When efforts are made in a human's life to serve another, not only is the human edified, but the other receives a benefit. A relationship with God is considered even greater in terms of service. When God is served the human is edified and God is glorified. 


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