What does a global citizen need to know, do and think?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A global citizen can be defined as someone who is aware of other cultures, other ways of life, and other histories, someone who makes decisions and conclusions from a wider perspective than his/her own experiences and upbringing, someone who takes into account the complete world-wide driving force for life, and the many, many forms that life-force takes. “People do the same things for different reasons” could be the motto of the global citizen. When we were children we thought that our family, our block, our town, our school was all there was. We were taught “Don’t talk to strangers,” “Don’t wander into other neighborhoods,” “Don’t try unfamiliar/dangerous things,” etc.  Our childhood consisted of learning about our world, and obeying its rules.

The global citizen is not a child. He/she should keep an open mind about otherness, about the ranges of possibilities, about the relationship between free choice and social custom.  First and foremost, the global citizen must not pre-judge, must not gauge difference as a flaw, must give equal value to the choices of others and his/her own choices.