What Does The Ghost Of Christmas Present Represent

In A Christmas Carol, what does the Ghost of Christmas Present represent?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Ghost of Christmas Present represents what an authentic life, truly lived, with family, friends, love and celebration really looks like.  Scrooge does not know what it is like to live a real life; his life is dark and gloomy, dominated by the pursuit of material wealth.  He is alone, choosing to cut himself off from any associations with family or others.  He even treats himself in a miserly way; his home is dark and cold, bare and empty.

His wealth has not made him happy, in fact in stark contrast to The Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge's wealth is insignificant compared to what this spirit shows him. 

It is a wealth that does not bring him happiness, a wealth that he does not share but rather uses as protection from the world.  He blocks any and all contact with family or members of society by shielding himself behind his fortune.

The bounty that The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge is in direct contrast to his meager life.  This ghost is careful to show Scrooge not only his own nephew, Fred, who lives comfortably and is happy, but also Bob Cratchit, who lives on the small salary he earns working for Mr. Scrooge yet is happy and surrounded by family.

This ghost's job is to show Scrooge that money is not the path to happiness, a truth that he will discover but must first be forced to look upon. 

h1n4 | Student

the ghost of christmas present represents happiness and freedom

It serves as the central Christmas ideal – generosity, goodwill and celebration. Appearing on a throne of food, the spirit evokes thoughts of prosperity and merriment.

quote: “free as its genial face, its sparkling eye, its open hand, its cheery voice

taherben | Student

the ghost of christmas present, represents the present time

agusver | Student

It represtents chrity because with his torch he gives a sprinkle of good flavour to the poor's food

vikas11 | Student

The ghost of Christmas Present represents wealth and money. In the beginning of Stve 3 he was sitting on a chair made out of food.

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