What does Gatsby propose that offends Nick in chapter 5?

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Gatsby offends Nick when he offers monetary rewards for the kindness Nick has shown to Gatsby. Gatsby does not understand that Nick doesn't want 'things' in exchange for friendship. The meeting between Gatsby and Daisy has an adolescent teenage mentality to it. Gatsby believes that he can prove his love for her by a guided tour through his mansion, it is a classic case of 'boy tries to impress girl'. All the wealth Gatsby accumulated was in pursuit of one thing, his romantic dream that he and Daisy would be together. It never happened...

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Gatsby asked Nick if he wanted to come work for him, which offended Nick because Gatsby was offering out of concern for Nick's well being.  In other words, because Nick had a small house and didn't have the lavish lifestyle that he enjoyed, Gatsby felt Nick was "in need" of his help.

When Gatsby and Daisy met, it was awkward at first.  Gatsby ordered his servants to set up tea with the finest wares, and even brought in flowers by the garden-full to decorate Nick's cottage.  Everything Gatsby did said that Nick's place wasn't "good enough", but this was because Gatsby has always thought and continues to think the way to Daisy's heart is through superficial monetary gain and material possession.  Unfortunately, Daisy only serves to perpetuate this opinion, as she literalyl cries when she sees Gatsby's well-folded shirts.


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