What does Gandalf predict will happen to Frodo or anyone who uses the ring in Lord of the Rings?

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He predicts that the ring's power will consume them eventually, that it will change them into a slave of Sauron, and they will forever be under its power.  He uses the example of Gollum, and tells the story of how, before the ring, he was a normal being, and that almost immediately upon finding the ring, he commits murder of his friend in order to control it. Gollum then spends the rest of his days chasing after it, first with Bilbo Baggins, and then with Frodo.  Using the ring also sends a signal to its original owners, who are continuously searching for it (Ringwraiths).

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He believes the ring's power will consume whoever uses it and will make this mad. This represents Gollum because the ring's power drove him mad and basically made him lose all of his humanity. They will forever be under the eyes of Sauron and made into a slave.                

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he thinks that they will eventually fade and become like the 9 riders