What does Fritz find when he and his father first explore the island in The Swiss Family Robinson?

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Fritz finds a coconut when he and his father first explore the island.

Fritz stumbles over it, picks it up, and at first thinks it is a round bird's nest. His father explains to him to that it is a coconut and describes what a coconut is. However, when they are finally able to split it open, they find the kernel inside to be dry and inedible.

The two search for a coconut that is ripe and find one that, though a little oily, is edible. They find the coconut so filling that it acts as a meal for them, allowing them to put off eating the provisions, such as a lobster, they had brought.

Fritz and his father also find gourds from the calabash tree, which they can make into eating utensils, such as bowls and spoons. They get a good view of the deserted island, and they also find sugarcanes. The island is well filled with natural resources the family can use to try to fashion a comfortable life, even though they are shipwrecked far from home.

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