what does freedom look like in Isabel's mind? what is Isabel want to be free. 

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I think that freedom looks like defiance in Isabel's mind.  She comes to a point when she kicks the wall of the potato bin where freedom is active defiance and resistance.  It is significant because freedom always seemed vague in Isabel's mind.  It seemed to far off to actually be embraced and envisioned.  Yet, fed up with Madam's cruelty, she reaches a point where she must take active steps to preserve her own sense of self and it is here where freedom becomes envisioned.  In her mind, freedom resembles something tough- minded and with a an active sense of defiance.  She understands that she will never be given freedom benevolently from White American society.  Freedom becomes something that she must physically fight for, enduring much in its process.  This is through physical action, physical flight, and even physical pain. The blisters that she develops on her hands from rowing, their opening and reopening are a physical manifestation of how the dream of freedom appears in her own mind.  Freedom is something that Isabel sees as something that requires much in way of sacrifice and challenge.  It is here where one sees that Isabel's understanding of freedom and how it looks in her mind is one of active defiance, physical sacrifice, and a sense of challenge being evident in the struggle to be without a master.

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