what does the first stanza reveal about the poem's intended audience? what does the third stanza reveal about the students? use examples What if your english teacher says its time to cast away the rules to follow your heart to look into your soul?   does the nerdy kid ask if theres a test?   and what if its a sunny day does the class gleefully cheer we're going outside   and what if its poetry on the menu for the next few weeks and the lucky students get the opportunity to examine and write poems?   does the nerdy kids shudder uncontrollably?   and do the cheers subside quicker than you can say please shoot me just shoot me now and put me out of my misery  

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The first stanza of the poem you quote seems to indicate that the audience is a student or students.  The use of the second person "your" is unusual in imaginative literature, and indicates that the speaker is addressing a single student, or a group of students, since "your" can also be plural.  The opening stanza also may indicate that the student or students have only a simplistic understanding of poetry, aware of the "rules" and such of poetry, but no more. 

In the third stanza, the "gleefully cheer" suggests younger students.  Even if, for instance, high school students like going outside for class, they wouldn't be expected to gleefully cheer.  Of course, in addition to indicating the young age of the students, the stanza may indicate that the students are more interested in where the class takes place than in what the class is about.  This may be a negative reflection on the students.   

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