What does finsterwallies mean in Maniac Magee?

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If you are the unfortunate victim of a "finsterwallie," a bully has pushed you, much against your will, onto the property of the feared Finsterwald's.  Rumor has it that the inhabitants will kill any intruder who dares set foot on their private property. 

The legend of Maniac Magee revolves around the Finsterwalds.  It was said that he went into the backyard and never returned. The speculation about what became of him grew and grew:  some claimed he was eaten, others that the whole story was made up and that "Maniac Magee" never even existed.  Those who are the "shov-ees" rather than the "shov-ers" would prefer not to have to find out.  Nobody, but nobody, wanted a "finsterwallie"!   

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