What does the Finch house look like in To Kill a Mockingbird, with direct quotes?

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The Finch house was a typical southern home at the time.  Chapter one says that the Finch house was located "on the main residential street in town."  The reader is also told that the house had a backyard large enough for kids to play in.  The backyard had a fence to divide the property line, but not for privacy.  "We [Scout and Dill] went to the wire fence to see if there was a puppy."  The fence is there as a guideline for property owners, but it's clear that fences were not to keep neighbors out since Scout and Jem go ducking under the fence in full view of neighbors.  The Finch home's yard also contains several large trees since Scout had a fairly large treehouse.  It makes sense as well that the house itself is built up above the ground itself.  The reader is told at one point that Scout pulled out an old tire from underneath the house.  The raised elevation is a flood precaution.  The Finch house also may have shutters on the windows.  That's a slight assumption because the text does say that the Radley place had shutters.  If the Radley home has shutters in it's dilapidated state, then the Finch house surely does as well.  

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