In The Kite Runner, what does Farid tell Amir about the kites, the police, and why he should never look the Taliban in the eyes?   Chapters 20-21.

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During Amir's return to Kabul in The Kite Runner, he gets his first personal glimpse of the Taliban, who he had previously only seen in pictures. When a group of them drive by in a red Toyota pickup truck, Amir stares at them in fascination. One of the Taliban stares back at him and spits as they pass by. Farid angrily warns him to never look at them--to lower your eyes in their presence. An old beggar who is nearby adds that the Taliban drive around

"Looking and hoping that someone will provoke them. Sooner or later, someone always obliges. Then the dogs feast, and the day's boredom is broken..."

Farid tells Amir that the police headquarters near the old kite shop is still there.

"No shortage of police in this city."

The police are controlled by the Taliban, of course. However, the kite shop is long gone, since kite-flying was banned by the Taliban as a form of unacceptable entertainment. Farid tells Amir that

"Those days are gone forever."

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