In "The Kite Runner", what does Farid not like about Amir?

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"A driver and guide introduced to Amir by Rahim Khan in Peshawar, Pakistan. Farid is a tough man who has lost several family members to Taliban violence. He drives Amir to Kabul to rescue Sohrab, Hassan's son."

Farid does not like Amir because he perceives him to be a spoiled man who, because of his class and money did not suffer the plight of the Afghanistan people.  Farid has a family and is separated from them.  He has lost many family members in the war and is suspicious of Amir.  He feels that the only reason Amir has the luxury he now has as an American is because his father escaped and "ran" when the communist invaded.

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The Kite Runner Questionand answers ch 13 -10 about Amir Baba?

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