What does exponential form mean?

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If you are dealing with logarithms, we can rewrite `log_7 49=2` in exponential form as `7^2=49` .

Logarithms and exponentials are inverses of each other. Depending on the problem type, we can rewrite in the other form as sometimes it is easier to solve.

``For example to solve `log_3 x =4` we can rewrite as `3^4=x` to read off the answer. We have written an equation given in logarithmic form in exponential form.

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For complex numbers, the exponential form is a way to express the number using a power of e (e=2.71828, also known as Euler constant).

For complex number z=a+bi, the exponential form is:

`z=r e^(itheta)`



`theta=tan^-1 (b/a)`

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