What does Estragon’s statement mean?It is in Act II, after Estragon reveals that he forgot that the tree was “there yesterday.” (the one they hanged themselves from).  Estragon’s response...

What does Estragon’s statement mean?

It is in Act II, after Estragon reveals that he forgot that the tree was “there yesterday.” (the one they hanged themselves from).  Estragon’s response after Vladimir asks if he “recognizes the place” is:

“(suddenly furious). Recognize! What is there to recognize?  All my lousy life I’ve crawled about in the mud!  And you talk to me about scenery!  (Looking wildly about him)  Look at this muckheap!  I’ve never stirred from it!”


What does Estragon’s response mean?  (Techniques used to create meaning, etc.)


Thank you in advance!


ameepatel | Student

Both Vladimir and Estragon are characters in Becket's Waiting.They are tramps.Estragon's being furious on Vladimir's asking him the question above denotes that it might be that Estragon considers the other vagabond's words as a taunt regarding his poverty though Vladimir did not intend to taunt him as he himself was poor.Being a wanderer Estragon had become somewhat pesimistic.So he considered his life as inferior to others.So he caled it lousy.He had been lazy.He had never raised his eyes above the muddy streets on which he kept wandering.Therefore he had never cultivated any interest in scenic beauty.He repeated the word'recognise'to taunt Vladimir.He asked a rhetorical question to Vladmir tauntingly out of depresion arising from being'the poorest of the poor'He was angry as Vladimir's question about that place seemed to add insult to injury for the jobles Estragon.He drew Vladmir's atention to a garbage dump nearby which could be taken as a symbol of filth.He emphasized that he had grown up in unhygienic suroundings.Samuel Becket's absurd drama is deeply symbolic.The two people Estragon n Vladmir symbolise the angry young men belonging to the poor clas of the Modern Age who are compelled to lead a life below the poverty line due to fate.Anger mounts up in them since boyhood due to insuficient amenities.This fury maybe displaced on an inocent wel-wisher involved in just a casual conversation with him.He starts taking even normal remarks personaly.

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