What does the ESEA say about teacher training?

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The law itself does not outline a specific condition or set of requirements in accordance to teacher training.  The law does speak though to government funding of higher institutions that are to dedicate themselves to education, in terms of research on education.  It is here where teacher training would be established and honed in as a craft.  At the same time, the law specifically states that there will be funding to state education departments, which are also intended to see to the issue of teacher training.  The law understood that government's role is to increase access to and the quality of education.  It is not meant to have government control these element.  This is why the law allows government funding of school libraries, but is explicit in stating that the federal government will not control or determine what resources are housed in these libraries.  In this definition of federalism, the law treats the issue of teacher training, as something that local realms will define and articulate.

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