How does the following Emerson quote make writing better:"  "I am not solitary while I read and write, though nobody is with me."

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Emerson's quote from his work, Nature, helps to bring out how individuals can exist apart from others, yet keep them in mind.  This is essential to the writing process.  Just as Emerson constructs a state of being in the world whereby individuals are mindful of other elements while not being imprisoned within them, this can aptly be used to describe the writing process and enhance writing.  Emerson seeks to "connect" the individual to the natural setting, making them one in the same.  The writer that is mindful of how work will be understood by the audience ends up creating work that connects with the audience in a more thorough manner.  The writer is on their own when they create their work.  However, the writer does what they do in order for others to understand their point of view in a clear and coherent manner.  While few, if any, are with the writer as they create, if they write with an understanding to seek or forge greater clarity in their thought as they write, I think that they end up making work products that resonate in a clearer manner with their audience.  Emerson's fundamental idea in his quote is to exist on one's own, but do so being mindful that we, as human beings, are really never alone.  To not live in a vacuum that escapes connection but rather embraces it through our own private and individualized sensibilities is where the writer can make their work more meaningful in connection with others.  Emerson does not see the individual as someone that must sever contact with other entities.  Just because the individual choose to exist in a natural setting does not cut them off from other sensibilities.  Rather, it compels them to embrace it within who they are and in what they represent.  In this, the writer can exist apart from others, but keep in mind that others must be able to "connect" with what is written and this is what ends up making writing more meaningful and more effective.