In Ellen Foster, what does Ellen mean when she says "you get out before they dream about the honey pie and the sugar plums."? (pg 37)

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In this part of the story Ellen's father has come home with some of the black men he sells liquor to and they are eating her food and drinking.  They are all drunk.  She hides in the closet because she hears them talking about her.  They are encouraging her father to begin to use her sexually.  They say she is "ripe" and how good that young skin feels.  They are comparing sexual molestation of a young girl with food and how it tastes.  Ellen relates that it is time to run away before they get to desert, or the actual act of sexual intercourse.  She runs to Starletta's home to escape her father who grabs her as she tries to sneek out of the house.  She escapes and eventually decides to leave for good.

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