What does Eliza consider to be her real education in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion? what Shaw's message is in terms of how social change can be brought about. What has really changed in Eliza?

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On (ch5 134) Eliza states that her real education began when Colonel Pickering began to treat her like a lady.

With these words, George Bernard Shaw brings the topic of social change that can be brought about by only giving people often unfortunate something as simple as an opportunity. Shaw's basic argument is that we are diamonds in the rough and, given the opportunity, we all will have a chance to shine.

What has really changed in Eliza is her self-perception, and her sense of pride and dignity. She has changed entirely to the point that she cannot see herself going back to the gutters, because origins do not pre-determine destinies. In her case, her transformation was a conditioning of her mind, and her behavior. What they did was not adding on characteristics but transforming them completely.

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