How does classroom management relate to a student's overall academic and social development?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Classroom management is very important for a student’s academic development and, to some extent, to the student’s social development.

Classroom management can be defined as the process of keeping order in a classroom.  It is the process by which teachers ensure that students can pay attention to lessons.  It is also the process by which teachers ensure that students are behaving properly towards one another.

Poor classroom management can harm a student’s social development.  This is particularly true for students who are the targets of teasing and bullying.  If teachers have poor classroom management skills, students may be allowed to treat others in mean and disrespectful ways.  This may make the victims retreat from contact with others, retarding their social development.

Poor classroom management can be even more damaging to a student’s academic development.  If a classroom is not managed well, students will not be able to pay attention to lessons.  They will be distracted by other children talking and doing other disruptive things.  They will be unable to pay attention because they themselves are talking.  If they are not able to pay attention to lessons, they cannot possibly develop academically as they should.

In these ways, classroom management is extremely important to a student’s academic and social development.