What does each of the characters learn in the course of A Raisin in the Sun?

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Beneatha and Walter are the two characters facing the deepest personal challenges in the play, though the family's hardships clearly weight on Ruth and Mama as well. Yet Ruth and Mama are not forced to change in order to cope with the difficulties faced in the play.

The lesson that Mama and Ruth learns might be phrased as a "lesson of reinforcement" from which they learn that the faith and hope they place in Walter in particular is not misplaced. Their trust is rewarded, in other words, and they learn that their investment in their family is not a hopeless enterprise.

Walter comes around. He learns that dignity is not the product of finances or profession, but is instead a product of self-respect. This is the essential challenge that both he and Beneatha face - to achieve a sense of dignity and self-worth. 

At the opening of the play, Walter whines about his job as a driver, complaining that he does not want to be someone else's...

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