What does the dream finally help Amir realize in The Kite Runner?

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There are several dreams--and nightmares--in The Kite Runner, but the most important one comes in Chapter 19. Amir awakes during the night in Farid's house in Jalalabad "with a scream trapped in my throat." He has had a nightmare, a vivid re-creation of the last moments of Hassan's life. As he kneels in the wet street, bound and bleeding, Amir hears Hassan muttering, "For you a thousand times over." An arm wielding a rifle puts the barrel to Hassan's head, and the trigger is pulled. When Amir traces the barrel upward to the bearer of the weapon, he sees his own face.

Symbolically, in his terrible dream, Amir has caused the death of Hassan. When he walked outside, he felt, for the first time on his journey, that he was home. He felt a kinship for his homeland again, and he had a renewed faith in the mission that he was about to undertake.

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