What does Dr Grimesby Roylott say and how does he speak?

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Dr. Grimesby Roylott is an intimidating and violent-tempered bully. When he unceremoniously enters Sherlock Holmes' apartment, his first demand is to speak to Holmes.

Holmes tells Dr. Roylott to take a seat, but the angry man declines. He speaks rudely and asserts loudly that he has traced his step-daughter's whereabouts to Holmes' apartment. The doctor demands to know what Helen Stoner (his step-daughter) has said to the sleuth. Holmes demonstrates his refusal to be intimidated by refusing to answer any of Dr. Roylott's questions.

Dr. Roylott insists that he has heard of Sherlock Holmes and that he knows the sleuth is a meddler. He proceeds to call Holmes some unpleasant names, but the detective stays calm. In the end, Dr Roylott picks up the poker, bends it into a curve, and throws it into the fireplace. In a menacing tone, he warns Holmes not to meddle in his affairs and asserts that he is a dangerous man to anger. Holmes dismisses him with a blithe

“Your conversation is most entertaining,” said he. “When you go out close the door, for there is a decided draught.”

Dr. Roylott leaves after his final warning to Holmes to stay out of his affairs.

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