The Lady with the Pet Dog Questions and Answers
by Anton Chekhov

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Describe the structure of the short story, "The Lady with the Pet Dog." How might it be divided into parts?

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Having the dog makes Anna more accessible, since she must take the dog out for walks. It also makes her easier to meet. Somerset Maughamwrote in one of his Ashenden stories that it is never hard to meet a person who owns a dog. Strangers start by showing an interest in the dog, petting it, asking questions about it, and so on. It is possible that Anna has brought the little dog along on her vacation trip because she is hoping, consciously or consciously, that the cute little animal will be helpful in meeting people. The dog plays no further part in the story after it has brought Anna and Gurov together. Having a pet dog also shows that Anna is lonely. Most people keep dogs, cats, and birds for company.

Chekhov states that Gurov has had many extramarital affairs in the past, but what makes his affair with Anna different is that...

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savitanainajnu | Student

The story can be divided into three parts a) meeting of Gurov and Anna at yalta where they get aquainted with each other for the first time b) the period when Anna and Gurov both living separetly and thinking of each other, at the same time both of them feel that they were happy when were together the third and the most important part c) when they meet up again and start thiking of a relationship which will go on in to avoid maintaing of secrecy of their relationship,acknowledging their love etc.

Chekhov has kept a dog with the lady which is the sign of prestige and aristocracy.....because Anna is first introduced in story by 'lady with the dog' which indicates that she is from well to do family or class maintians high class life and so on.