What does the document "A Ride on the Erie Canal" suggest about the revolution the country was undergoing?During the 1st half of the 19th century?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because you tagged this with "Frances Trollope," I assume that you are asking about an excerpt from her Domestic Manners of the Americans, Chapter 32 (see link below).  If so, this document shows that America was becoming a country more aggressively concerned with money and trade and less concerned with the sort of manners that were more important in Europe and in past times in the US.

This time period saw an explosion of economic activity with the creation of the Erie Canal, the Lowell Factories, and to some extent even railroads.  America was becoming more and more of a market society (as opposed to one of self-sufficient subsistence farming.  This, one can argue, made Americans more pushy and concerned with their money and themselves.

This can be seen in Trollope's description of the canal boat ride.  The people are pushy and do not speak politely and deferentially to one another.  The "Yankees" are described in ways that show them to be arrogant and excessively (to Trollope) concerned with money and business.

These observations show that the US was rapidly pushing towards a more economically-oriented society where manners and gentility took a back seat to economics and money.