In Things Fall Apart, what is the District Commissioner's motive of the British in colonizing the Africans? Page number(s) too please.

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I don't know of a place in the novel that directly answers this question, but there are places where the District Commissioner is mentioned that help to explain.

Initially, the first white men in Umuofia were the missionaries.  Afterwards, others began to come in.  In chapter 20, it mentions the DC judging cases in court, chapter 21 mentions the DC being a messenger of the Church of England, in chapter 23 we see the DC trying some men from Umuofia in court,  it also talks about the children of Umuofia having to go to the white man's school.  

The final chapter of the book gives the best indication of why the DC and the British were in Africa.  The title of the DC's book is "The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger".  The British, as they were colonizing, actually believed they were doing the tribes a favor.  They felt they were teaching them to be civilized and live in 'right' ways.   

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