What does, in detail, Michelangelo's Angel statue look like?All I know is that her arms are folded and she sits on a blue velvet platform. Anyone have any other details?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts' FAQ for visitors, that statue never existed.

In the book, Claudia and Jamie spend much of their time trying to figure out if a statue of an angel that is on display in the Museum was created by the great In fact, artist Michelangelo. Although the Museum doesn't actually own any sculputures by Michelangelo, it does own a drawing by him called Studies for the Libyan Sibyl. He drew it in preparation for painting the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

You can read an interview that Konigsburg did for the Met at the link below.

yoyo-meme18 | Student

Michelangelo DID sculpt Angel . Read the ending and you will see.

and without talking about the book,Angel doesnt really exist.

kalyn405 | Student

If you remember in the story, Jamie says that the workers might have been drinking beer by the judging of the blue velvet, also the three rings with the m in the middle second ring marking the owner of the statue, "MichalAngelo!" Answer it?


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